Rounding out the cosmopolitan line up this year, we are lucky enough to invite back to Aus, one of our favourites, DJ Fett Burger!


Born in Austria but grown in Moss, Norway, DJ Fett Burger equates to one half of the brains-trust behind one of the most competitively uninterested, digitally elusive and consistently diverse labels of the last decade, Sex Tags Mania. Having co-founded Sex Tags alongside his younger brother Sotofett, the marching burger keeps himself busy with his own UFO & Mongo Fett imprints, countless zine projects and various twelve inches spanning many labels of the Scandinavian extended family as well as German counterpart, Sued.


Admired as a producer, DJ and visual artist, we are rapt to have Fetty join us on his never ending quest to lay down hot wax and cold paint all across the globe. We're also excited to present the definitive SEX TAGS for their debut outing together in the southern hemisphere!