Drippin’ for a Tripp? Then look no further – Norwegian nice guy and master craftsman DJ Sotofett is down for the IV cause!


The hyperactive half of Sex Tags Mania/Amfbia, which is run alongside his brother DJ Fett Burger, Sotofett puts his proverbial pen to his own intrepid imprint, Wania, along with a myriad of other production aliases and endeavours. This ever-expanding yet tightly woven family is synonymous with countless praiseful adjectives, though ultimately the thread that binds Sotofett and Sex Tags et al. together is a dedication and delivery of left-of-centre rhythms and the pushing of underground culture, whether it be wax, paint or thought.


Sotofett’s productions and DJ sets are not surprisingly an extension of this lifestyle, and by that, we mean he EXTENDS this. Unable to be succinctly pigeon-holed by one genre or another, we really have no idea what to expect, all we know is that graffiti can’t be stopped and neither can DJ Sotofett.