3 ––––––– 5 APRIL 2015




Inn·er Var·nika
/Country Victoria, within 3 hours from Melbourne/
/Noun/ 1. Outdoor electronic music festival, Easter weekend, strictly limited to 1200 tickets.
2. A three-day event dedicated to devoted music enthusiasts and artists whose only aim for the weekend will be to create a community of dancers whilst also providing a sojourn for the soul.
3. Carefully selected international guests within a specially selected rural location, will steer and sound out a platform for catharsis and freedom of expression by way of some solid thump - a warm and very inviting thump, a soulful thump.
4. Every aspect, from sound to setup will be thought out to ensure the festival is an all inclusive, environmentally neutral and a musically blissful affair. Eg. "Dancing is an essential, elemental and a simply fundamental way of warming your Inner Varnika"