Our fifth international for 2015 also hails from Italy and has been captivating audiences around the globe for the past five years with his unusual fusion of rhythm, tone and texture which can be found littered throughout his productions and live sets. It is with great delight that we welcome Neel to the fold, and the Australian debut of his live show, Phobos, which will incorporate audio and visual elements of his live set alongside DJing as well.


Neel is an artist who pays close attention to the technical aspects of sound whether producing in the studio, DJing or playing live around the world. His considered output hears his take on techno and ambience vary in hugely fascinating ways as evidenced by the music created with his long term friend and collaborative partner, Donato Dozzy. His collaborative efforts with Dozzy as Voices From The Lake were once Neel's main oeuvre, however his latest solo LP, Phobos, has now set a new standard for ambient and tonal music. Further releases on labels such as Bunker New York and Spectrum Spools only confirm the uniqueness of his sound. This is explicitly apparent during his immersive AV show which we are excited to finally witness firsthand at Inner Varnika 2015.