Rolling along, our second international for 2015, stems from the smokey streets of Brooklyn, the mellow master, Terekke.


Having cut his teeth studying South American percussion and Latin jazz rhythms, whilst working in a recording/synth repair shop, Terekke has predominately released his music on the infamous L.I.E.S., however his scarce remixes can be found on stalwart labels such as Emotional Response and Max D’s Future Times. A Lo-fi enthusiast, his productions blaze with an air of dense spontaneity, sounding like something sparked on a lazy sunday afternoon.


Enigmatic not only in terms of his record releases, Terekke is one who plays his cards close to his chest, having released just a handful of records over the last 4 years. Still though, through the thick haze of his dusty tape-recorded sounds, we have kept track of Terekke’s happenings and we’re thrilled to have him play live at IV.